Slippage ensures that your transaction goes through even if the exchange rate changes slightly. The slippage, set by default at 1%, guarantees that after successful swap the user will receive at least 99% of the indicated amount. Users can adjust the slippage from 0.01% to 49.99%.

We allow, but highly discourage, the use of:

  • Slippage < 0.1% - Low slippage may cancel the transaction due to a lack of liquidity. In such cases, the transaction will not go through, and your funds will be returned to your wallet, but you will pay the gas fee. Funds spent on the gas fee are non-refundable.

  • Slippage > 1% - High slippage can result in losses due to an unfavorable exchange rate. High values can be used in low-liquidity markets, but do so with caution and an awareness of the associated risks.

Injex recommends using slippage of 0.5% - 1%. This is the golden mean to increase the likelihood of transaction completion with minimal risk of an unfavorable exchange rate change.

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