Token Burning Strategy

The proposed token burning plan is designed to incentivize trading activity, reduce circulating supply, and contribute to the long-term value of the $INJX token.

Burning Mechanism

Revenue Share Burns: Injex Finance implements a progressive burning mechanism based on token revenue sources to ensure sustainable growth and value appreciation.

Periodic Burns: Scheduled quarterly or bi-annual community-determined burns, starting at 1% of the total supply and decreasing over time. This approach provides predictability and control, fostering community engagement.

Burning Ratios

The burning ratio will expand over time, including token sources such as a percentage of the revenue generated from premium features, sponsored listings, token utility, and data services.

Burn Fees from Premium Features: A portion of fees earned from advanced features and analytics will be allocated towards burns. That rewards active users and contributes to reducing the token supply.

Burn a Portion of Sponsored Listing Fees: A percentage of the INJX fees received from sponsored listings on the Injex Protocol will be allocated towards token burns. That incentivizes token holders with a shrinking supply against a robust token utility.

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